Financial Consideration

The Delaware County (Indiana) Athletic Hall of Fame has no recurring source of income; no dues or fees. Our goal is to make the induction banquet as self-supporting as possible. The price of the meal pays for the major expenses of the banquet. Everyone except the new inductees are expected to pay for their meals. We feel the meal is modestly priced and appropriate for the occasion. We encourage you to invite family, relatives and friends who would like to share in your recognition should you be elected. We have obtained tax deductible status and receive contributions from our membership, memorials, gifts and grants from private and corporate bodies who are interested in seeing our endeavors continue.


We are very proud of our banquet, and in your behalf we want to make it as memorable an evening as possible. Most men wear suits or sport coats and women wear dresses.

Induction Process at the Banquet

Prior to the evening meal, all members of the new induction class will be asked to report to the front of the banquet facility to be introduced as a class. After the meal, the formal induction takes place where you will be asked to come forward individually to receive your plaque and say a few brief words, if you wish. If you have any further questions, you may contact Mike Bush, President at (765)748-1042.